Monday, November 28, 2005

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Thursday, November 17, 2005


First a brifest of hello's because I simply must rant and my disclaimer: in the event that I should so happen to insult the human male species...EAT MY PANTS!!!!
I cannot believe the nerve of you men (I am not in the mood of picking the apples from the pebbles so....SUFFER my wrath)!!! Where does the ijit get the nerve? Not only am I emotional road kill, can you say rank?!?!?!? I am seriously not in the mood for geting into a relationship with any male baffoon! (NICKY YOU SO MUCH AS GET THE WRONG IDEA I WILL HURT YOU DEAD....not bad, dead!)
Ok fine, I was doing fine! getting back on my two feet, getting my hair done, nails did, the whole kit and keboodle! But Hell No! I couldn't be left alone after being run over by a 10 ton semi! (emotionally with me!) He had to flipping reverse to make sure that I was dead!!! He called me today out of the blue, and I do mean blue as we ( me, myself and my 10 other personalities) had taken the necessary steps of deleting the number from all three phone ( don't go there Nicky......) So to crown my more than shitty day, which started last week Monday and is promising not to get done until tomorrow 6.00pm...he called! What next? To tell me what,... 'I didn't want to make I thought I'd do the honourable thing and call.....' WHO THE?!?!?!....WHAT THE??!??! Whattaya mean?? Can you spell it thought you'd do the right thing? The right thing would have been picking up the bloody phone two months ago and telling me it's over, you know, CIAO, your ass has been officially dumped !!! Yeah that writing on the wall I got, loud and abso-freaking-lutely clear...
So now that I can't remember your darned number, I pick up the phone!And you though I'd what?...hung up! HAH! You obviously haven't met my Mother...she'd lay me out! (and in my sunday best to boot) for being rude. So of course I let you do the "manly" thing and tell me how you don't want to make an enemy, what kind of self obsessed, narcissistic idiot are you?? Let me explain in simple english:
No, you're not my enemy, never have been. I couldn't possibly hate you. I couldn't be bothered, as far as I'm concerned you're not worthy of my contempt, my animosity and now that I've gotten over the rude shock, my angry inner voice. Like I said...Oh Well! If you thought that meant your number get's added back to my spead dial, out of cruel interest, like that of holding a magnifying glass over an ant...Hold your breath!
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