Monday, July 31, 2006

Two dancers, to dance

We stand toe to toe
In the loud silence before the opening strands of music begin,
I raise my head,
Set my shoulder back, and my body lengthens against yours
You Straighten,
Your Arms embrace me as a frame to a picture
The first strands tease us, each one warming to the other
We take opportunity of the first few bars to introduce ourselves
I adapt to the length of your stride,
You test the tension in my hand,
How strong is your lead ?
You send me out on the first spin,
My eyes search for you
I see you step to frame my body as you hold your hand out
The tempo increases,
Introductions complete
You take my hand masterfully in yours
Your Hand on my waist, you guide me
Your confidence in my ability to dance increases
You lead me with one finger,
Your other arm behind your back
We spin around each other
My arm around your waist as you turn
Your palm on my shoulder as we change positions
We are one
Like the earth and moon
We are intertwined by an invisible force
I part my lips to take greater breaths
You lick your lips, eyes half closed
No room for thinking, it comes naturally
You lead, I follow
You command, I submit
And too quickly the music ends
We two salsaeros posed at the last note
My head thrown back, in line with my out stretched leg
You bend over me as you dip me
We both gasp for air

Saturday, July 29, 2006


'That which gives breath (ie. "spirit") to the heart, with a graceful motion.' That's the definition of the chinese character for love. I've been around the blog-estate, I was quite thrilled by KM! You go Girl! ( I was rolling in the aisles.) But, all said and done, Girlfreind has made some valid points after that.... which led to some serious question time. Personaly I avoid question time, it usually involves a cantankerous magic 8 ball and questions to which I already know the answer to... hence the magic 8 ball because that way I can tell whether it's moral campus still works (like it cares!!)
So what did the magic 8 ball say about my current obsession
Question: Is this just a matter of I'm falling in love and he's enjoying the side effects, viz...passion and lust
Magic 8 ball said:You can bet on it

Question: If I am hopeful enough, will this be a meaningful relationship
Magic 8 ball says: Absolutely Not

Question: Should I go back to salsa classes and forget about the buzcocks?
Magic 8 ball says: Try again later

Question: what tha...!?!
Magic 8 ball says: Outlook so-so

And basically that's how we deal with relationships and things of the heart. I can't be blamed for anything I do because all my actions are sanctioned by the Magic 8 ball and by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo (authors of 'he's just not that into you').
As a result, I go through life not expecting anything (ok except from myself and my pay check) Try live your life with a magic 8 ball as a moral campus!! And the nice thing about not having any expections is the lack of disspaointments. I don't expect anything from you, so if you do nothing or do somtehing or do nothing when you're meant to do something, or do something when you're not meant to... you get the idea! I feel nothing. I am not dissappointed. As a result I control how other people affect me. My happiness is paramount, I want to be happy, Gosh Darn it I will be! I'll not be dictated to by someone's lack of calling, I will not sit next to the phone and wait for that phone call, I will not live my life expecting some wonderful prince charming to come along and complete me! I will not be dissappointed if my freinds don't show up to a party even if they said they will, I will not change my plans because someone wants to do something else.
So this is my ride. I do not,need to have it pimped out by freinds who cannot make up their minds and need a whole drama section...This is no hatch back but it's no stretch limo either! I will not get junk in my trunk because someone has emotional baggage and they want to share it, it's not an 18 wheeler either. Don't get me wrong, I love people, but at this point in my life, I'm going to love me a litle more, I'm going to like me,enjoy my company and agree to disagree with anyone just because I think they're wrong and not agree with them because I think it's being nice!

What's this got to do with love
Love can go screw itself! I'm tired!!!
Tired of trying to be sweet...because? The door mat has been rescinded, the damn door's shut and I best not see anyone sticking their head through that window because I will shoot first and ask questions later!
And another thing, just because I dance like it's going out of fashion at the club does not mean that I am going home with you...!

And finally the truth. I was geared up for the weekend like life was starting again, but then men happened! One is 'Double oh dumb dumb', 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde', and the last one was 'Random man at club'

Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Furahi Day

Hey Beautiful People!
Happy Happy Day.
On the eve of the weekends may you
1) Have something other than the TV to look foward to tonight
2) Have something other than breakfast to wake up to tomorrow, better still have breakfast in bed
3) Last and not in the least bit... ave a knockout weekend!

You read it here first... (that's your story and am sticking to it)


Thursday, July 27, 2006

My new bed

I love the smell of new things
That never been used complimentary scent of a new car
That sweet plastic scent of a new Cindy doll (Screw Barbie)
And oooh, oooh, ooh that orgasmic, heart thumping feeling of retail therapy.
But your newness beats them all,
Your newness is enfolding, enwrapping ,engaging
Your newness is wholesome, and completing
Your newness is exciting and promising,
Your newness begs baptism,
My new bed.

Seriously I have a delicious new bed that fills my room with the scent of pine, it makes my new duvet look even better. When I look at it with my guttersnipe's eye.... the images that waft like mirages, hovering over the bed, are quite breathtaking :D
So if I've been away, and If I'm not around for a while... but do I say....

Go On! get your own new bed!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

As seen from Kips Page :D

I saw this quiz mania on Kipepeo's And just had to try it really tickled my fancy!




Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Tuareg Lord

Like a mirage across the desert
Hazy and shimmering
He's form completing the closer he came

From he's flowing robes
To he's wrapped head dress
He stood before me
Like the Magi of past
Royal and Princely
The earth he's foot stool

I drew my breath but it would not be drawn
I gazed into eyes spear piercing
And my mind was opened to beliefs hidden
I heard he's voice as clear as if it were spoken

I return to you that which you lost
The beauty, the spirit,
The earth you inherit,
This dusty bowl that you scorn
Is the blood the beats in your veins

Their beauty is not yours
Their riches do not adorn your majesty
Remember child from whence you came
Tis the clay that God created you from
Forget not the beauty he has embibed in your form
You are a princess among many
And like all princesses...
You must return from whence you came

And then he left
As swift he came
My mind like the swirling desert sands
I am refilled
I am unearthed like an ancient relic

To the Tuareg Lord,
I bow my head in gratefullness
For returning a crown
I carelessly lost.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I can feel you

The street is quiet,
The children are safe indoors
The last car parked
The dog is quiet
In this silence
I feel near to you

The sun has set
The pub is shut for the night
The last drunk has loudly staggered home
The moon quietly sighs it's serenity
In this silence
I am with you

The last window is shut
The doors are locked
The alarms are set
The copper's on he's beat
And the crickets begin to seranade
In this silence
I reach for you

I can feel you when the stars rise
I can feel you when the moon shines
I can feel you when the all is quiet
I can feel you when the darkness settles
In this silence
I am with you

The world could collide with Jupiter
And Mars could make a bee line for this earth
As long as I can feel you
I will live long after the dust settles.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I waited

I watched and waited,
Minutes doth pass and time doth age, still I waited
I hoped and I prayed, still waiting.
I sighed and breathest in, proceeding to wait again.

I wait for thee
I hope and pray for thee
I search for thee
My minds eye will travel far to see thee

I will sit here waiting when all else is gone
I will forego all pleasure just to hear thine approach
There is pleasure enough in hearing thine voice
I'm satiated greatly, by thy presence.

And knowing this,
Thou maketh me wait
Thou herald all powers for that one momment
When thou shalt break my heart with hardest blow and sharpest knife.
And yet my love, I wait for thee

Saturday, July 08, 2006

of Love Lost

I saw it from my corner eye
A spectre, a ghost, some ancient spirit

I glimpsed it as I crossed the street
I smelt its perfume passing by

I grasped it when your eye met mine
Sliding, slipping, I held but air

It made me rue the day we met
Regret, pure bile, twas all for not

And now my thoughts of only you
No other soul will scarce compete

No arms, no words, no kisses sweet
Will spare me from my death of love

That I have missed this chance for good
Goodbye my love, my sweet, my one heart's truth


We go out of town for the weekend, Nessa (my bud) has not decided what to do so obviously she's still looks like a smacked bottom!
What should happen at this away weekend, it's neutral teritory, nobody's been pissing in any corners so the rule book is out
1) Thou shalt not engage in PDA (public displays of affection) and be captured on camerra (what happens in this joint, stays in this joint! (Did I forget to mention that Nessa does have a boyfreind)
2) Thou shalt not drink and dial (if they couldn't make it for the weekend...TOUGH)
3) Thou shall have thyself a good time.... irrelevant. The excuse of diminished capcity to justify any actions that may or may not be discovered during routine questioning at the point of return may be used against you at a future date in time....BE WARNED!!!
Right.... Let's play.

Nessa and I shopped like we were going to die, as a result my banker has taken to calling me during working hours to determine that I am still employed!!! We partied like the world was going to end, I have some unexplained bruises to prove that I had a good time (That and obviously some git forgot about rule #1 so my happy behind is like plastered on kadha pages of BEBO.... and if you haven't heard of BEBO....who am I to tell you?) The club was hopping! I could have married the DJ...GOOD LAWD! I have never seen black men contained in one space like that before!
Well it's been a while (get your mind outta that there gutter!) and I just missed being surrounded by familiar accents and mannerisms. I danced till I sobered up, so I had to keep drinking, to keep my buzz going (my liver was working double time and I got the bill early Sunday morning.... do you know? your liver can actually hurt!?!)

But that was what we did.... when I was passed out, thoroughly amused with life in general in my room (ALONE...thank you very much!) Dear one i.e Nessa (and on account of having just the 1 brain cell on duty that night!) was getting loved up! And you know what that means.... I get the lovely task of picking up the pieces.... I get to tell her, (oh yes ! I wanted to tell her I TOLD YOUR SORRY BEHIND SOOO!) Don't worry you'll be fine, if it was meant to be.....sigh together here. (HAH!! girlfreind code book, chapter 2, things to say instead of I TOLD YOUR SORRY REAR END SOOO! such a handy book ladies I suggest you all run out and bye a copy... updated and unabriidged!)
I get to look miserable (well that wasn't hard to do I was having labour union discussions with my liver! A strike seemed imminent!) and say It's arlight it'll work out.
Please note the following is a rant based purely on jealousy and other feminine issues.
No it wasn't alright because she has a boyfreind (who I think is a waste of frigging space ) but she has one! who even though he's cheating on her has her in mind... Go figure! But two wrong's do not make any one wrong better than the other. I do not want to hear about how you're going to dump your boyfreind for the 13th time this month. I do not care if the two of you fall off the face off the earth (especially your boyfreind, he's so up himself he could probably see what he had for lunch, and especially now that I'm negotiating with the Procelain God!)
Love is blind! Blind! not stupid! the man's a walking moron, he's village is definitely missing their idiot! He should be sent back ASAP!
But no now you want to add to this motley crew of idiots Man X who couldn't commit to one flavour of ice cream (he's favorite ice cream is Neopolitan... I rest my case) you want to tell me about two idiots in your life? Look, I have a boss and he's minions, I want idiots, I know where to find them! I do not want to hear it on the tube, or on the train, how you think IT (the stand ) was a bad idea.... how you shouldn't have done it! We've already had this conversation, I already told you it would be a bad idea...!

I 'm going to step aside now and breathe.... deeply. And maybe...just maybe! I'll get run over by a semi truck and be put out of my misery!

Monday, July 03, 2006

One Night Stand

A freind of mine found herself in a complicated situation. How does she have a one night stand with someone she's attracted to and walk away without getting hurt. I say don't, one night stands are difficult at best. But Would you?
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