Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's FRIDAY.... Go On, go get your hair done!

Alright Ladies,
Don't say I didn't give you the hook up! You know you want to be looking like a new dollar bill (let's not push my budget here!) . The best presents are those that you would want yourself. So without shame (like I ever had any!) I am plugging this joint:

apic centre,
1st floor,
tel:(+254) 20 3754101
cell:(+254) 724 463174

but if you're genetically challenged, don't blame them. After all it is what it is!
Happy Friday Happy People

Well, so the dilemma continues. I'm looking at the phone like it could jump up and bit my butt! So what do I do:
Me: Look I'm not in a habit of confronting people when they do things that are contrary to my sensibilities.
Him: And that's supposed to mean what?
Me: Look I just don't think that we have the same goals here, our relationship (if you can call it that) isn't working. I'm unable to form long meaningful relationships ( with geneltmen who have undeniably strong feelings for my bank account. And require me to wine/beer and dine them , and by driving a total of 8 hours to pick and drop their sorry behinds). And although I'm very hopefull (that you shall be disgusted with my lack of communication skills and dump my very grateful A**) at the beginning of relationships, I' m genetically inclined to fail.
Him: What?
Me: I don't think it's going to work.
Him: Look, I need you
Me: No you don't...wait, what did you say? Did you say what I think you said?
Him: I really need you
(At this point I'd like to say, that it is not fair, neither is it acceptable for jamaa's to use such language! Especially when one is trying to shrug them off...)
Me: I'm sure you don't need me (and my bank account can't afford you) . I have to go.

I wish that was the end of that. If you ever have a girlfreind that you tell everything to...don't

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


OK the last post I wrote, I was avoiding the attentions of a particular gentleman. So two weeks and I think that I'm sitting happy right? I haven't heard from him (ok so he sent text messages and tried to call!) I didn't call him or send any texts messages back (really I didn't) ANd out of the blue the guy calls my house phone (Can BT talk to Bell South about caller ID ?!?!?!?!) So I pick up the phone.
Me: Hello
Him: Well
Me:Well What
Him: Can you explain why you haven't called me back or responded to my text messages
Me: Right now?
Him: Don't be funny
Me: Well I've been keep ing a low profile ( an that's partly true.)
Him: hmh ( llike that's supposed to be an answer! I hate it when he says that.... it's not even a word!!!!!)
Me: Right, the truth of the matter is I think that you will be much happier with someone more normal (encourage him to think that there is mental instability ...thank God for African Stigma's regarding certain issues)
Him: You don't say (AND what exactly is that supposed to mean?)
Him: seriously what happened?(OK Panic, I'm supposed to reiterate my mental instability, but he's being really nice... Be strong, be strong, stick to the story)
Me: What makes you think anything happened? I've been thinking about us and it's best if you went out with someone more normal.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Relationship and me, or the lack of me, thereof!

Relationship s are these wonderfulk things that I just treat like the kid with the broken toy in the sand box...walk away! When you come back, it'll be covered in sand and if you're lucky somone else will have picked it up and taken it away. I don't say anything or do anything, ok maybe it's the lack of doing anything. But I walk away. I figure that there's enough emotional baggage going around that I have the right to pick and choose the emotional baggage that I wish to be landed with for the rest of my life. And the bottom line arguement that even I am unable to argue with is as follows:
We don't get out of Life alive!
And doesn't that just justify the walk away issue. Why cause stress? You're only going to precipitate dying earlier. If you swing your foot enough times the other shoe usually falls off. If one says nothing then one is absolutely fine.
This theory of walking away is one that I use for all relationships, except those with members of my family, which is simply to keep an eye on them to make sure I know exactly where they are at any given time. Self Preservation!
But from my feedback, I think I'm doing pretty well with this theory. It works. Well as long as no one else is hooked on to it ;)

Well well well, what a funny kettle of fish

Last night Dispatches (Dispatches: Iraq's Missing Billions
Investigating what has happened to the 23 billion dollars entrusted to the British and American coalition for the rebuilding of Iraq. ) And it all dissappeared! I was shocked, these (US and UK ) are supposed to be democratic upright, judicially progressive countries and the money dissappears. You have hospitals that would make even Kenyatta Hospital look like something out of a state of the art medical journal! This was money to be spent on the infrastructure of the country, and it's pilfered.
Well on a brighter note! Kenya's problems with donor countries (mainly the US and the UK) are based purely on the fact that corruption within the country, even after the new president took office are still unacceptably higher. And the moral of the story is... don't steal from your own, steal from someone else!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Die! Radio Die!

I promised myself that I wouldn't live the radio on while I nodded off to sleep, and theirs a good reason why. They (BBC nyanyako!) were discussing the Jewish Genocide aka Holocaust. Now before you go getting your underwear in a knot, let me explain a couple of ground rules:
1) Hittler should have been aborted, the one time I would have condoned the practise. 'nuff said.
BACK to point at hand,
The Jewish Holocaust was to be remembered so that it was not repeated to any other nation or group of people. What of Rwanda? What of Sudan? Or is it the fact that our skins being dark are not worthy of saving? I'm just really disgusted with western media and ideas right now, and I'm too pissed (highly annoyed and nearly catatonic with exploding thoughts) to blog..... Catch me in a minute.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


It's Sunday and I'm working on my project, I had the whole of yesterday but one needs one day out of the week to goof off (Like I don't do enough of it already!) Back to the subject at hand, I'm working (yeah right!) and watching Star Trek enterprise, I can hear this guy describing a type of relationship. Based purely on trust, a relationship in which,he trusted this person that no matter what happened he knew that this person would not cause him harm. To trust someone to the point where, everything they did is in your best interest, and you understand this. That even if you're hurt by what they do the sting is taken out of the wound, because whatever they did they meant you no harm.
He was describing the best relationship, the type where you could turn your back and walk away, and if they did shoot you it would be because you would be facing and even worse death ahead of you, and they wanted to spare you the pain and torture. If they did not catch you when you jumped, it would be because there was a mattress there to cushion your fall , and it would be a lesson of getting up on your own two feet, but they'd be on the side lines cheering so loud you couldn't hear any of the doubts in your ears.
And just when I thought, Wow! Lucky guy...I rembered, that for most of us, that's our parents.
So hear's to Mom and Dad, the foundation of my sky scraper dreams, and for who, if God didn't strike me down dead (for this and other things!) I'd say through whom all things are possible! :D

Friday, March 03, 2006


Press Freedom: Letter to Kibaki
Dear President Kibaki:On March 2, 2006 government forces raided the headquarters and printing plant of the Standard Group. In addition to destroying equipment and newspapers, they shut down the KTN news station.This latest attack follows the jailing of three journalists from Standard Newspaper, attacks on Citizen Weekly, and ongoing harassment of journalists by government-sponsored forces.I urge you to condemn these attacks and to support freedom of the press.

**Please copy and paste a copy of this letter on your blog. You may alter the wording to suit your needs.
From Keguro's blog!
we should be free of mind and speech!

If we knew then what we knew now.

I came across this picture. A rude shock considering I thought I had it hidden safely away from prying eyes, only to find that: 1) I was not the only one with a copy 2) And while mine was hidden from all view the other floated happlesly on the wireless web! But then I looked closer, and the story lines unwrapped themselves gentle silk filaments reaching into the mind to prod, sometimes poke the memories loose. And as I looked at my past fellow classmates, with the lives we have lived and the places we have been... I wonder aloud (as loud as the web will let me) If we knew then, what we knew now, would we change anything? Would we do it all over again with every mistep and every successful plan? Would we? Like it said of Virginia slims (not that I'm condoning the practise of inhaling nicotine... but,) we've come a long way baby!

But on a purely different note.
My cousin cracked me up when she was describing some guy she was seeing. She refered to him as JVC. After she repeated it a couple of times as if I was supposed to understand it I asked her exactly what JVC meant... Jaluo Very Complicated!!!!
Laugh Your Asses Off and have a lovely weekend. Happy Friday Happy People.
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