Thursday, June 30, 2005


Mhmmm.... irony is a b*tch!
There is this very annoying person that used to tell me 'later'', talk to you later, call you later, see you later....Just later. Later as an ambiguous word , that's vague at most. So I finally got a clue... umm yeah not a daily occurrence, so bear with me while I wallow. This annoying piece of sh*t was using later, as what I interpreted to be a tool of torture.. to keep me on my toes...
Well, it's very funny, so my less than sterling attention span when it comes to guys ran out (like Casper the friendly ghost victims and it hasn't been seen since...well it has but that's another story ) So I'm no longer interested in later, to me later is Later...not now some other time in the future. Which we shall all agree is great!
So now I'm getting called, and somehow I'm getting visits when I'm at work....I'm being contacted when I'm online...later seems to be sooner...But a little too late. I can only be strung along for soo long before I start picking up the nibling...
But I like the date I'm going for tomorrow... and not with the 'later' guy

Bush to Create New Unit in F.B.I. for Intelligence - New York Times

Bush to Create New Unit in F.B.I. for Intelligence - New York Times

Does that mean all this time there wasn't any intelligence associated with the FBI?

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

water water everywhere, but not a drink to spare

B and I were talking the other day about the dire straights our love lifes are in. And so.... Mr. Nice guy whereveer you are, of cours extensive interviews and background inquiries will be performed. I don't mind if your crazy, as long as there are pills for it and you're not fixated of death dying and killing...I'll work with you....

Au Revior Mon amie

Je ne fais pas pour vous dire au revoir. Je ne veux pas penser que tout le temps nous avons partagé maintenant devient une mémoire lointaine. La pensée que cette séparation est une clef de voûte au début d'une autre phase de nos vies ne m'apporte aucun confort.
Nous sommes tombés si facilement dans l'amitié sans essayer à dur, votre acceptation calme de ce qui est et vous le style classique sera beaucoup manqué.
Mais vous avez raison. Nous serons des amis pendant longtemps pour venir, si pas aujourd'hui, demain et si pas demain cette année, mais nous nous rencontrerons de nouveau. Je vous manque déjà.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This hay fever business is not funny

For the past couple of days, I've been walking around feeling like a duck!Stuffed and runny nose, coupled with the sneezes and then the itchy eyes and itchy nose! I'm miserable. Well... I can't wait for the weather to get nice, cool and rainy again. The rain dampens the pollen so it's not floating everywhere.
But I do have a wonderful phone voice now...! so maybe I should just maintain the hay fever and not take anything for it!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I think I've startled them....quite.

Well, on Friday we had our Open Day, which means you have a lot of bright eyed, bushy tailed, pubescent younglings wondering around the campus!
Well as there are always reps from the department teaching faculty, the encumbent head of school was present to do his bit. He kept staring at me the whole entire time and I couldn't figure it out. The head of the depertment approached me in the late afternoon to inform me that I had done very well in my exams. Not believing him I informed him that we had had this conversation previously and the conclusion was, our views on doing well greatly varied.
It was only after I arrived home to view the e-mail regarding th results that I was shocked as much as the staring head of department. As I usally come across as a bubble head I understood their shock completely. This means that I must now break my neck writing my dissertation....great.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


My trip today was wonderful! I had so much fun seeing the sea, then the ride on the souped up tea cup roller coaster... that was something! It felt like we were about to be thrown smack into the middle of the sea from on high, before the seat made this jerky turn on the rails! it was quite a thrill.
P.S Bet you can't guess where this is :-)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I think I'm worth my weight in gold

Well, so far so good. I'm getting myself confidence back, slowly. I'm also recognising factors that are important to me in relationships that I'm not willing to compromise on. I'm aslo realising that the worst kind of break up involves a relationship based purely on 'being in love with love'. The blinders fall off and I'm left thinking what a waste, all the time and nothing to show for it, not even the promise of happiness. But I'm going to be very reserved now and just mind my own business. no need getting bent.
I'm also learning at a pretty quick clip that when my mother said (and God forbid she should ever hear me say that she was right!!) "Grow fat on the things you like" . She meant that when one is able and given the choice, one ought to do what one likes, and that is the literal translation I'm applying to everything. If it's not worth my time....forgettaboutit! I'm not bothering with it. Not to mention I pick up enough emotional and life baggage with every day to day living that I shouldn't have tp pick up someone elses because I can't say no.
So....just because I can;
"Thanks, but definitely no thanks"
aside to self: I don't think I want to grow fat on that

And while I'm at it, it's definitely not just "c'est la vie"! " C'est MA vie, c'est tout de moi, comme chacun sait" and until further notice....don't get bent , get even!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

On a totally different note

If anyone has data from whole life cycle costs, please feel free to leave a comment. Have a meeting wth my supervisor this week and I think I just scheduled my ass to be handed to me....on no less than a silver platter. This is going to be royal!

I like this picture it makes me smile, right about now that's all I need, a little humour Posted by Hello! Operator error

Controllable variables.

For those people who are control freaks then this should be easy to relate to. Controlling the variables, ensuring that nothing is left upto circumstance, all decisions are controlled by oneself.
But more importantly controlling the variables ensures peace of mind. You don't spend the whole night wondering what the result is going to I staying? Am I out the door? Are all bets off? Am I being voted off this desolate island called, our relationship?
And that's the story morning glory. Not controlling the variables means that you are no longer calling the shots. It basically means that you've paid the piper and he's the one that get's to pick the tune. A juke box that doesn't take requests.
For future reference, am not going to be in this situation again. For f*&^sake I can barely concentrate! I 'm not saying that I'm the most focused person, but my usual cricket's attentions span has been reduced to that of a flea, any lower and I'll end up sitting in a corner staring into space.

I really know how to pick 'em! Well the end is nigh, I just wish it would hurry up about it, the waiting is killing me. I need to close this chapter, if that's the case, and start my mourning. I mean, sheesh! I can't even turn the waterjets on because I have a case of the "what-if's"
1) What if he doesn't want it end? Maybe he didn't mean what he said?
2) What if he just needs time to think about it?
3) What if we were really meant to be, and this is just a test?

I'm sssssooooooooo lame!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

It's going to be OK.

Well if I keep saying that it's OK, maybe it will be. I might have the water works going for a couple of days, ok I lie... I'll be at it for a week If I'm lucky.
But at last 5 people, all independent, said the same thing, dump he's sorry ass... But no....they were all wrong, (the person who came up with "majority rules" should be hang upside down by their cohones until they dearly depart!!... that's the diet coke red wine talking.) But it's not easy at all, you're talking about someone that's never dumped anyone before, they's got to be something said for just up and moving...
But ours was doomed from the start.
Oh well, it'll be ok, right?

Could I get that in writing

A woman walks into an an insurance agent shop and says:
I would like to take out an insurance on a relationship, the relationship should be insured that there will be a wedding in 10 years. Can you do that.....?
The insurance agent looks at her and says.... I know a book you should read... " He's just not that into you by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccil

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I must have been born yesterday

Asswipe! (And no that term may not be borrowed) Exactly how stupid do you think I am? Let see, the sex wasn't all that! You're not exactly the best thing since sliced bread. And yeah after the conversation we last had....YES IDIOT YOU SHOULD HAVE LIED TO ME!

OK! Now that that is out there, let me tell you something. Don't call me. I can't help you anymore. My helping you is not helping me. Your damn right save your sorry ass for your girlfdreind. And while you're at it, you ain't all that and a bag of chips. What the hell do I look like chopped liver. You're only going to getting some of that when the mood for something else has passed? Walk on bro, don't let me spoil your flow.

For #$%@-sake! How low should my self esteem be. When you want me I'm here, and then when you don't I should just gladly dissappear...#$%@ you. There are unfortunate women who make more on that premise than I'll ever make in a year. Well don't get me wrong I'm not going to do it period! You are no longer in my favor, so take your sorry ass and your slick tongue elsewhere. I'm tired of your &*!&.


I was shocked to hear that you would be getting married. I wished you had told me yourself, and that I didn't have to hear it from somebody else.
I pride myself in living life without regrets,but you are my one biggest regret. The road not taken, the one temptation I denied myself, but wish I had indulged in. I would take the pain gleefully just to know. But now I guess for all means and purposes you will be the one lover that I wish I had, the one lover I would gladly go back to.
Still I wish you told me yourself. But like the book said, you'd rather break both your legs than tell me. I wish you all the happiness, all the best.
Here's the kiss we'll never share. (x)
So lets toast with some grey goose, and here's to being buddies, pals etc.
So Long Fair Rat.
C'est moi, toujours
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