Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another Year

I'm taking in the year at large and some choice moments come up as the most hilarious moments known to my existence. First there is how I met my best bud. In way of introduction there it has been the accepted norm that there are two kinds of people, those who watch things happen, and those who make things happen, Drama Queen ( my best bud) and I have managed to prove that there are those who are smack in the middle of the two groups. No matter how well planned and bullet proof the occasion, something always happens. Most likely we haven't figured out that time will not bend to our wishes, (it's early yet, stranger things have happened!) On the first day of our graduate course we were the first and only international students ( in the history of the class) to miss the coach for our field trip (which was weighted only because it was our first assignment!!!!) fresh off the banana boat, not knowing the back end of England from the front, we got on a train and were waiting for the rest of the class at the site! Oh yes we set precedent alright! Even though we were half petrified of ending up in Plymough instead of Didcot, met a man dressed like a leprichaun, and managed to charm the train ticket master into overlooking our tickets going in the wrong direction.... we made it. Let's just say we introduced our very starchy, and extremly english advisor to the finer elements of international time.... 5 minutes and an hour same difference ;D

Of course then there's the fact that I must be the only person to get dug out of mud by an excavator! I work on a construction site and would you know it I got stuck in mud. I'd been doing pretty well getting out of scrapes that my boss seemed to find amusing to get me into. I'm new meat... it goes with the territory, what can I say? Well I've been there three months and nothing had stuck, ok maybe a little (there was the instead with painting the wrong house, but that's another story) So here was he's big chance, the year was ending and I was going to get off scott free, yeah right. Lulled into a false sense of security, thinking he'd given up, I was only too happy to do he's bidding, very simple really.... go close the gate. Now the gate he had in mind isn't really a gate more like a panel of fencing that we use to secure the site (litigation reasons) and since some of the guys couldn't be bothered to walk all the way out of the site to the shop on the other side of the fence, they slip through the fence. There was a path that had led to and from the site through the fence, all I had to do was follow this path...right? Well the funny thing about construction is nothing stays the same, what was there an hour ago... ain't! Well I knew where the swamp bog was (deep muddy pond that accummulated water when raining) so I thought I was safe. Lucky for my boss the ground workers had started filling the foundations around the swamp bog, everything was now nice and level, thanks to the previous nights rain, the digger operator had no problems smoothing everything over and making it look nice and flat and safe... So going out there I think, 'Oh this is nice, I just have to walk in a stright line towards the gate/panel and secure it', everything was fine, terra firma was in my favour, until I got to the point of no return. I was half way to the gate and right at the edge of the now filled in swamp pond. What I thought was firm ground turned out to be filled up (in other words worked up to a find dough texture) swamp pond! I was sinking into the very cold mud very quickly! I'm now up to my boots (midcalf!) In my haste I was taking large steps and my legs were now stuck at 110 degree angle. I had two options, I could either fall foward, or I could fall backwards, getting out of my boots, with socks Godwilling, and try and crawl on my belly to firmer ground! Considering which option would be less embarrasing, I hear guffaws of painful laughter, the digger operator was literally weeping! After a good five minutes...i'm not sinking any slower! He decided to come to my rescue. Bringing the digger over to where I'm standing the operator advises me to ditch my boots and step into the digger (slopping all over with mud). He then manouvers the digger closer to my first boot, crouching on the digger floor and using both hands I manage to pull the first boot out, then closer to the other boot, I manage to pull it out as well, and in the process introducing my bottom to the muddy digger floor! My shame is complete. I look like I was mud wrestling with the gate. The digger operator brings me closer to the gate I hop out of the digger, shut the damned gate.... hop back on the digger and am placed back on firm ground. As for my boss, lets just say he had a wonderful vantage point and was selling front row tickets, he's office faces said gate! He was smilling all of the two weeks to Christmas break, I'm surprised he's face didn't split in half.
But the new year will bring with it new challenges and more embarrasing situations, and just when I think I got the hang of it!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

I'm not exactly sorry. Strange how it is that you know and I know that you know. But because you doubt yourself, the thought hovers over your mind like a ghost. You have outbursts of temper because you're not sure. You see him and the feeling is increased tenfold, could it be? Maybe the way they look at each other, the way their hands linger. You notice that when we say hello our kisses are more intimate, we're enjoying each momment.
You compare notes, he' s physique to yours, he' stature, the way he carries himself...he seems so sure. What is it that has him sit so confidently across from you? You want to know if he's the one, if something happened... I could tell you or I could just watch you torment yourself. You lash out, but say sorry because I don't seem to care anymore. I'm preoccupied, but not with thoughts of you. I don't share my thoughts with you anymore. The cost of my thoughs just went up.
I'll tell you, for in a thousand years you'll never ask.... Yes, yes to everything about him. I have no regrets and I realy don't care if you walked out that door and didn't come back. I have been loved, my wishes and desires have been granted. My thoughts have been held as if jewels in shakespear's fabled ethiops ear. I can die happy, now knowing that I have been loved, that I am loved. And you selfish, conceited, self centered narcissistic pig, are now the object of my pity. Every time I look at you I feel moved by pity. Your idea of love is to have me orbit about you and your every need. I'm not sure I care to put up with you for pity's sake anymore. Everyone deserves happiness, in some countries it's a constitutional right. When I say 'so long sucker...' I won't be sorry to see the back of you. Most important of all....I am not sorry, not now, not ever, for stumbling on love so inappropriately.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


My birthday was superfab!!! I was at salsa from 7.00pm to 3.00am in the morning!!! SWEET!!! There was a live band (hot guitarist and percusionist/drama...whatever) I didn't know how much dancing I did till I walk up the next mornintg and was limping around the apartment!!! feeling excessively sorry for myself.... didn't wake up until noon and even then my body was not in any mood to be taken out anywhere, which is sad as I meant to go to the movies, instead we let Bleak House on BBC 1 take us away. I got a box of chocolates from a colleague at work and have hated her ever since... I mean that I now loathe the woman! How dare she? My one weakness is chocolates, (ok I lie, one of my weaknesses is chocolate, it's in the major league list) I can't say no to them, and I can't throw them, and we're talking about one of those big ass tins...apparently that's where the chocolate will be settling :(

Today however, is my graduation. So knowing myself I'll be doing a mad dash out of the house like a cat on a waxed wood floor running to get out the door. Because I know I'm going to be late but I'm not doing anything about it.... I'm thinking the red pants with the white halter neck should be the thing but then we have to line up outside and we all know the effects of cold on women...I don't think I want any pointers showing in my graduation pictures!!!!
So we'll have to ponder the wardrobe for at least 15 mins. Then tonight I'm going to shoot for the moon, alcoholicly... Once a year it's aloud and so I saved my birthday tribute for today, and that goes to prove that I do think ahead when it comes to important issues such as innubriation!
Ok people, time for me to skidadle.

If I'm really good maybe Santa will get me a new computer, let's all hold our breaths.

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