Tuesday, August 30, 2005


It's 3.00 am in the morning and I want to sleep. I think I've been asleep for a while but I don't remember, I weave in and out of consciousness... at one point I know my dissertation responded to me during a conversation we were having; it seemed amused, and when I said I may have bit more than I could chew...it's opened up a cavernous mouth that seemed to open it up onto itself, turning it inside out, guts and glory. That's the point I decided to lay off the proplus, damn things are supposed to keep you awake, rational is not included in the prescription (apparently the dosage does not include sanity...)I'll be glad when this is done and I can relax with a bottle of martini rosso, and none of that cheap stuff either!

Any extra cuddles up for grabs.

I just need a bit of a cuddle, a nice big bear hug, to make everything ok... :(

Friday, August 26, 2005

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Taking my own medicine

Today which is in fact tomorrow, I have to tell someone no. I have to find a way to tell this person the truth, I can't possibly commit to what they're asking me to do. After reading my own blog I find that maybe fact is much easier to handle for all parties, because, as much as I'd like to be cruel I cannot bring myself to do it. They don't deserve it, because it finally is my fault... and I'm going to have to find a way to take the blame for it without having it sound like ' it's not you but it really is you' because it really isn't...if that made sense...you must have taken your medication. Either way I'm losing sleep over it.
What's up with all this self prophesying business??!! I could do without it. But I'll keep the SHU concert tickets, thank you very much.


I'm just about bow legged with delerium (ok more than usual!) I think Christmas just came early. I feel like a kid in a candy store! Some ball gums, some big-G's, patco's, eclairs, murray mints, and top it off with goodygoody's! But this is much, much better than a sugar high! OK I'll get to the point....
SHU!!! SHU!!!(I am not virtual sneezing)
This man is the next best thing since sliced bread...BELIEVE IT!
Ladies and some gentlemen (and you know who I'm talking about!)
...SHU is Coming to LONDON!!!!
Thursday, September 29th, 2005
London UK

See, Santa does exist.. of course now I'm expecting the trimmings...but this time I'm sooo willing to settle.
ok not that I want to share but for those of you who are at home and do not need reading glasses:

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
Nairobi Kenya

Yipppeeee! OK Msanii...big love to you too! you deserve an award for plugging SHU and other up coming artists.
Check out he's website:http://www.shusic.com/calendar.html and he's videohttp://www.shusic.com/links.html

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I know what I want for christmas!!!! My Letter to Santa

'Sup Santa!
How you doin' Old Boy....C'mon we all know you've been around since before Methusla so let's not kid ourselves (See I'm being a good little girl and telling the truth!!! technically speaking that's more brownie points!)
'Nuf said. I'm sure this letter finds you in good health (like you do any work, if there were labour unions at the North Pole you might suffer from stomach ulcers, but since there are none and all the those 'helpers' do all the work...you have time to go to the gym and not to mention probably practise tai chi!)
Right, You know I'm older now so I'm not going to ask for that Barbie Doll (I didn't get it, but thanks for Cindy, who my younger cousin force fed to the dogs and now sits top naked in some long forgotten chest, sans lower body!) And thanks for the doll house (Which I didn't get but I learned a lot from being carted off to grandma's house, as child labour may I add!!!. But in the grand scheme of things, when you think about it, grandma's house is bigger than a doll house...but thanks!)
So.... Now that I'm all thanked up (Yes thank you for all the other christmases in between where I just lowered my sights to getting by with one christmas where the damn turkey didn't burn! And thanks for all of them because now I'm always invited home for christmas... doesn't take rocket science to guess who's doing the cooking? Me! Thanks...AGAIN!!!)
Yeah, where was I? Since my sight for christmas have been greatly reduced and I'm now a pro at making the christmas turkey with all the trimmings and have even pulled a Martha Stuart with Lobster for christmas... I figure you owe me big time...like about 15 big ones!...(not that I'm counting or anything!) So why don't we just settle the favors and start from base? It's not like I'm asking for a lot. I would just like to have the one and only Mr. Decadent quite heavenly (you must admit God made THAT man!) SHU! Under my christmas tree. Bows and all, or not at all! I'll unwrap the gift myself...thanks.
Oh Yeah.... Shout out to Msanii_XL! may you live long and prosper!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Which Switch is Which?

Fact: I'm way too nice to say no.
Fiction: I could care less. yes or no, what difference does it make? No skin off my nose

Fact: No it's ok, you're not annoying, irritating, or in the slightest bit aggravating
Fiction: You're freakin' nuts! ... where do you get off with that kind of crap? What the hell's your problem ?

Fact: I've never seen anything like that!
Fiction: Oh my Gawd! That's it?

Fact: Sure, I don't mind
Fiction: Get it your damn self!

Fact: You're welcome.
Fiction: Don't get used to it!

Fact: Oh Sugar! Fugde how terrible!
Fiction: O Sh*t F*cking son of a bitch! Serves you right! I told you not to do it, didn't I?

I wonder what would happen when fact becomes fiction and vice versa. At some point in time don't we just can what we're thinking and from years of being ' smacked upside the head' say the correct thing, the polite thing, the PC thing when in actual fact your couldn't give a rats ass what happened or how the other person felt?
When you'd really like to tell the yacking broad in front of you to shut up and get outta the way cause you gotta go pii? Or even better, the guys not bad looking not great looking but you pity him enough to laugh at he's not so funny jokes...(Note this is where girlfreind by mistake usually happens! I'm just saying...not that it did, but it could....yeah. Anyway!)
And don't forget, fact is the reason why the following statements exist:
A) 'It's not you. It's me'
B) 'You deserve better'
C) 'I think you're too good for me'

When in reality, fiction is closer to the truth:
'It's you! There is abso-freaking-lutely nothing wrong with me... but if it makes you feel better.... insert statement A here.'
'I so deserve better. C'mon! Face facts, if we breed somebody's going to call the KSPCA on my ass!'
'Let's just say... I'm Christian Dior and you're _______ (insert any of the following that apply here: A) Payless, B) Mitumba C) Walmart/ ASDA D) Jay-lo)

I'm in such a royally wicked mood.... I love it! MWAHAHAHAHAH!

If you or any member of your family have ever heard the fictional statements that have recently appeared in the above blog.... Use less of the fact next time and apply more fiction, you only get as good as you give! That being said...WOIYE! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


My dissertaion is not only kicking my ass it's coming back for seconds. I have reached the point of sheer desperation that I will borrow a couple of words from classmates who have surpursed their word quota by a couple of thousands, five couple of thousands and I'm done! Even if their dissertations bare not even a blind shot in the dark facing the wrong direction resemblance to my topic. Desperation is desperation, let's not split hairs.
Other than that I'm changin my mind about how I should best analyze my data, will then end result be a
1) nah! bad idea, dont do it and don't ask why
2) magic 8 ball says: try again later
3) and in conclusion...... nod off into dream land because my intellectual brilliaince is not meant to be exciting and scintillating but meant for the academea who actually talk in such sentences as, 'Kermet suggests to use Miss Piggy for purposes other than sausage and salami' (and you can tell I really paid attention in clas.... my downfall is now...eminent!)

Static....'Houston...we gotta a big ass problem'
End of static

Monday, August 15, 2005

Burn baby Burn

After writing my dissertation I am going to burn every scrap of paper that I have printed and commented on... free entry for anyone bearing gifts of marhmallows, graham crackers, and hersheys dark chocolate....I will be one happy cat! MEOW!!! Burn it all up... yeah, careful with the fur!

Comment if you DARE!

Just when you think it's safe to come out and play, there's this one a**wipe waiting to rain on your parade. Well today I outdid my a**wipe quota by one extra to make that a historical occurence of two!
Let's just say that today is not a good day for men.
DISCLAIMER: Before I get the ball brigade up in arms, I shall use this disclaimer to say that not ALL men are dogs!END OF DISCLAIMER
Anyway, I can't believe I went to lunch with one, who is now the object of my rage, to feel like chopped liver! I mean what did he not look at, stare at, oggle at and plain old act like dog at a butcher shop! I mean come on.... I am dressed to kill (apparently that wasn't he's impression..... hence enter buttwipe number 2!) and he wasn't happy to just have a conversation with my chest! he wanted to have a conversation with a panel of bossoms and derieres! Whathahell! I mean he expected me to sit there and watch him rubber necking at other women! what am I ? Chopped Liver (If I so much as get one comment saying that I am, I will hunt you down like a rabid dog!)
Anyway I go for dinner with my freinds because by now I'm so demoralized that not only do I want to choke the annoying midget man! (Let's just not follow that train of thought!) I wanted to go home and wear a sac over my head, maybe that way I could hide! But at dinner buttwipe number two not only proceeds to direct all known conversation of the evening at my chest but apparently asks if I'd like to see he's room! Ok it sounds innocent enough (if I was a Nun working at a worm rubber sleeping bag manufacturing company!) It doesn't take rocket science to figure out when someone wants to entertain, hide the baloney olympics....and he's engaged to be married! (do not even make excuses for the brother, for I will surely rain down on you like white on rice! Live long and prosper and just don't go there.) But I mean c'mon! It wasn't as if my chest was hanging out... it was a very decent outfit...(may I not hear any sniggers and snort... I am soo not in the mood! Which by the way I was not in the mood!!!!!!!) So I went home to my current unwanted love, my dissertation! Merde what a day!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Busy Do Not Disturb

I must be getting irritable in my old age! And I'm quite young to boot, so this is definitely not a good sign. But I hate being bothered. I'd like to be left to finish what I'm working on...after that yes, you may request my attentin, (which I doubt you'll get, but try I might be in a good mood)! This particular attitude is most rewarding considering I have a schedule of getting 2000 words to print before I move up north at the end of Sept!HAHAHA Hope floats afterall.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I am invincible!

Well deariesssss ;-) The Car is mine, mine, MINE! MWAHAHAHAHA! I am invincible... not to mention I should probably go and take my medication,( one shot of Triple sec... on the rocks ... coming right up)
The picture of this lovely cat is exaclty how I feel right now...scrumptiously decadently happy with triumphant MIRTH

Monday, August 08, 2005

Manolo Blahnik

OK! Just to clarify who and what Manolo Blahnik is....SEX on LEGS! The man's shoes make that possible, and let me tell you, for that any woman should pay enough.... that's why there shall be some domestic altercations if i don't get a pair... so whoever the supposed "ill dignified" King of Pentacles is! Watch out! Because if I have to choose...the shoes win, hands down ;)
So...until I get my first pair I'll have to settle for a sketch of one of this great man's shoes.... OOH How I bow down to your Shoeness!

Beware the King of Pentacles

A warning from the Celtic Goddess. Beware the King of Pentacles 'future influences.. the king of pentacles (ill dignified , this means it is upside down)be careful Stunuh, a man will influenve your future strongly this could be romantically but it could also be overprotecive like a father figure.. this person will be insensitive, over materialistic and rather shallow, this person will be jealous with you over money'

I mean there's a warning, and then there's a warning that comes with a picture !

So now the hunt begins. Who is my King of Pentacles and will I know him when I see him? I'd like to know because I have every intention of owning Manholo Blaniks and need to find this cretin before he makes that dream an unattainable desire! Hela! He'd better get ready for some serious dome's!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

My precioussssssssssssssssssss

I don't want to share the car anymore....It's mine! Ok... here are arguements validating why the car should be mine:
1) I wanted it, I mean really wanted it. She just kind of waited. I suppose she thought that the car would come to her...well If I don't change my mind it probably will....BUT I want to change my mind
2) She didn't do jack! literally ! I'm the one that invested time and money to get the car. Calling the sellers, arm twisting innocent bystanders to give me a lift to BFE where the car was being sold
3) I'm the one that actually bargained the price for the car....and had them deliver the car to me
4) I'm the one that worked out the insurance and paid for it....while her behind was in Leeds playing with some kid.... I'msure it was a cute kid, but for purposes of my arguement she didn't know the kid from Adam!
5) She doesn't have a license and the car is insured and bought in MY name...MOI, i.e me not her! and she didn't exactly help shop for insurance, did she!?!
6) She doesn't have a license so I'm the one who should be doing all the driving anyway
7) I have to buy her share out when I move to Newcastle....so exaclty what the difference is, I'm still trying to fathom, it's pay now or pay later.
I think those are totally valid reasons why...Peni Tatu(aka my precious) should be mine and mine alone!
Sharing is a virtue, but only when someone else is sharing with me ;)

Friday, August 05, 2005

My baby

I went to check out the car that I'm interested in buying, only £400 pounds but it seemed worth every penny. It's a 1992 Hyundai Lantra. It drove well but the final say will be from my freind that splitting the car 50/50 with me.
So the car people are supposed to bring the car to the hall tomorrow worst case scenario I still proceed to buy without the partner but money wise it would have been a good idea.
Now I have to figure out what the insurance etc etc are on the vehicle.
but I'm very happy with test drive that I did. I know that something is bound to go wring with it but whatever.
As for my dissertation I've got quite a few articles that I should finish reading and see if I can use them in my literature review.
Other than that for those of you from KBW....welcome to my blogsite.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

And on a final note

May it read on my epitaph...'here lies a momment of weakess!'

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Whew! The wind beneath my a**

I had to meet my supervisor to discuss my dissertation which is now at a budding 2000 words! I figure write 1000 a day and I should be done by August 16th, showering and eating included.
But I had to make up some progress on my mode of operandi to show why I've done more than when we last met 2 weeks ago.
Of course now there's added pressure that the real world beckons so I'm actually going to astound the guy and have him see my work is better.
GRRRRRR! Smiling supervisor... not good sign. Need to keep him busy.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Cutlery and silverware is strictly for eating

Today I go out for lunch with my current object d'armour, and as I'm going to the lunch room I see my regular heart throbs.... who are still heart throbingly decadent, only I can't partake of the lusting over eye candy that I usually do with them. Like the polite charmer that I am I said hello, but woul you know it! the current pararmour does not seem to take to kindly to this fact and when picking up the silver ware I nearly get impaled as the knife and fork go sliding accross my lunch tray!
And he punctuates with each toss 'Do you know every guy in school?' at which point the angel that hovers above my right shoulder went and clamped he's hand over the devil's mouth that struts upon my left shoulder and whispered...LIE! So I look dumbfounded and innocent and proceed to the table to sit with the gentry from my department.
Mental note to self: next time choose a food joint that has the silverware chained to the table!
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