Thursday, April 27, 2006

at the cafe

It's about him.
He hasn't arrived yet, but he might.
I don't think we set a time, he didn't exactly say when he'd get here.

I hoped it would have been now.
I'm a little worried that he may have gotten lost.
Thing is, I don't even know where to start looking. Did I take a wrong turn last week, or was it last year?

Have I lost the plot, completely scappered the plan? But what was the plan. Maybe it's me who's lost and I should be finding my way back to the rendevous point. Was it at that coffee shop. You know, the one I like, the one that lets me dissappear in a sea of faces. How about that restaurant, was he there, I know I should have left the group behind. I didn't know it would turn out like that! I tried to make up for their rudeness... Doesn't matter now, even though I still cringe at the memory.

There was that one time...nO. I don't think that was it, he would have said something. Maybe he's refused to say, if so Why won't he say anything? What's happened to us? I think I've done everything I should be doing... I think I'm where I'm supposed to be. This must be the spot.

I'll just have a seat, and wait for Goddeau, at least even He get's here, eventually!
Ok, Ok. I'll calm down.
I lost my temper. I shouldn't have thought that. Of course he'll be here.
He wouldn't not come,right?
He wouldn't be late,
Would he?

'Hi, yes, I'll have a coffee. Black, no sugar.'
'Leave the chair, I'm expecting a freind.

La Fou

Je ne suis pas une déesse.
Je ne suis pas même une déesse de petites choses et des petits gens.
Je ne suis pas même une déesse moindre.

Je suis mortel.
Je suis mortellement blessé.
Je ne suis blessé encore aucun carabin, ou le guérisseur peut me guérir.

J'ai peur.
Je suis un avec la peur, que je peux ne pas être tous ici.
J'ai peur, à la différence des Anglais ont peur.
Peut-être je suis fou.

J'ai fait face.
Je me suis adapté, pour vous et vous et vous.
Je n'ai rien pour moi, je suis creusé.

Je dois être completeI doivent complètement être reassuredI doivent me trouver de nouveau.

Un crime parfait n'a pas été commis.
Comme un criminel coupable je dois revisiter la scène.
Pourtant je suis innocent de toute l'offense.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Adieu je reste
A change is as good as a rest
I've moved house
and with it
Comes the spring cleaning of the mind
And thus I wish to live a while
It's been in the making
I've had such a blast
An addiction I dared hope to last
But as all writers' block
this too will come to pass
I love you all Kay Bees
Definitely not wanna be's
Because y'all know
You've definitely arrived
I bow down to a movement
I bow down to a people
I bow out
I cry off
Adieu, je reste

Friday, April 21, 2006

Moving Again!

I drive so often to and from Reading that I have decided to move there. And i have a weekend to do that because next weeks project is going to kick my rear from hear to next sunday! IF you have a car ans would like to help me move, I shall quickly plie you with pizza and beer....after the move :D
gimme a holla!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006





Single release date - March 1st 2006

Album release date – 30 aprilth 2006

For the past three years Didge has been in the studio recording and discovering his musicology.

What began as a hip hop career has now grown into an ‘Urban Swahili’ soul project that is rich in content, maturity and truth. The 24 year old crooner has blended swahili’s beautiful mashairi (poetry) with neo soul to create a sound that can only be described as rich as Kenyan coffee.

His first single off the album is titled “Saa Zingine” which in Swahili means ‘sometimes’, a song that talks about the little situations and moods in a relationship that change from time to time.

His unique blend of urban Swahili soul will make him stand out, especially when you bare in mind that Swahili is the 7th most spoken language in the world.

Didge is set to take over as a great singer and songwriter of East Africa taking after Fadhili Williams who sang the world famous track “Malaika”.

So relax, sit back and put on some Vintage sounds then Imagine in Swahili with a great cup of Kenyan coffee - the world from Didge’s eyes.

And Stunuh Says:
Yawa! Listen to this guy HE'S HOT! He's voice is soft like velvet, considering that I heard the song over earphones! Yaani a jamaa can tune me in Swa... in fact can you add a new definition.... EAR SEX! I'm definitely ....pantingly awaiting for the release of the whole album, But seeing as to how I'm so nice I'll hook you up with the single Saa Zingine! Courtesy of this delicious yummy gentleman (yeah I got the hook up!) I'll e-mail it to anyone who wants it! See, I told you I'm nice. Yeah, ahem, I'm not street but it will get ugly if anyones says a word against this decadent most delightful, sinfully lucious voiced man! If cassanova had a voice!

Just drop me a line at : or and I'll hook you up too

Monday, April 10, 2006

Reading! but not in the nice way

Yes, I can't help myself. I was back at Reading this weekend. I had a really good reason, I was going to pick up Penny Tatu (modus vehiculus) from the mechanics, who I've decided is the bomb! (No, not that way... and you know what I'm walking about!) he definitely made Penny purr. So Friday night went to get my groove on the dance floor. And it was dancing like I could give a rats ass what anyone else thought, grind, whine! You name it, I did it! The DJ was so happy we got one bottle of champaigne...mhmm!
Saturday rolls round and even after a night out it's a fight to get back to sleep after 7.30am, what's up with that? I partake of some female beauty rituals (maintenance is key.) In the evening I went over to my buddies place to get the drink on, some amaretto and coke...sweet! Enter in Short Putt! OOOH annoying child, he actually tried to hit one me! I knew this boy from back when and, (not that I'm mentioning my age or anything) but he's illegal in some sectors of society! (Mainly the sane sector). I used to help him with he's assignements before I graduated, he's a young'un! That wasn't the worst part, that came when I had to drop his excessively inubriated Arse home! It was like driving with a drunk octopus, one hand on the wheel, while the other one smacking him away...WHY? What had I done against the God's to deserve such punishment? When the car stopped, I didn't wait to see if he went into the right house, let alone got out the car!
My trip to Reading would have been so much better if the little Short Putt had stayed put, elsewhere.
End Rant

So good it'll make you wet! Man. The whole topic of eye sex came about when a freind was discussing my encounter with the current object of my infatuation. He was awesome, beautiful eyes, and the five o'clock shadow that promises to tickle my skin. Sweet Lord, am twikapated! Anyway everytime we tried to check the other out, we'd get caught out. He's eyes, my eyes, it was like the first kiss, working out who's head goes where. In the end it made more sense to just let it all hang out and enjoy. Hence our lovely walk, with a promise for more tomorrows. We fit, he's not too tall and my head comes up to just the right spot (NICKI... SO HELP YOU GOD, MAKE THAT COMMENT AND I WILL HURT YOU!).
So like a cat awaits a mouse with the utmost look of innocence, I will wait! With coffee's and movies and all the other opportunities to make promises with our eyes that our bodies definitely intend to keep.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Eye Sex

Eye Sex
What is it?
Have you had it

Monday, April 03, 2006

Laissez le bon temps roulez

I had a good weekend. I had such a wonderful weekend I feel like I had great sex! The yummy kind that leaves you tingling all over, every nerve ending singing the alleluia round!
First and foremost long drive to Reading was well worth it. I was bopping along to R. Kelly's Happy People CD and stuck in traffic, do you know how many hot men there are in cars next to you.... AND GOD MADE MAN! AMEN!
Then there was the pub Crawl in Reading, an activity I swore I would never do. But Hey it was Friday night I was not going to stay home and knit! But it was a lovley night, my freind and I decided to where matching waist coats and black pants....hehehe! Now that was FUN! Talk about choking on beer, and missing their mouths when the Jacket came off, the guys were very happy to see us and our bubbly freinds :D (I would only do it again because I won every game of foozball!!!)
OK, I will be the first in line to admit that I become infatuated like the craters on the moon! Often. SO meet this very interesting Gentleman, who shall remain unnamed. The man's brain is like a 500 watt light bulb! But he's a lot fun. And I had a wonderful cup of Coffee with him on Saturday....ahhhhhh! and that's all I'm saying I don't want to jinx it.
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