Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Parting such sorrow

Well the end of term is here and it's time to say goodbye, to some for good and to others just until the Easter Hols are over. The nice thing is that after exams my sweet heart will be in town so I will be able to see him and be with him, which is exciting.
For whatever reason I am no longer interested in the object of my desire, apparently my desire for them has waned and I am not interested in anything about him. I think I'm done with him, and it will end amicably.
I'm having the horses rear of it with the dissertation topic and it doesn't help that there is political shenanigans going on. I don't think that they've come to the conclusion that my mind when swayed is final. Oh well. we'll play it by ear and close to the heart.
Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I should know better

You would think that I having known the disadvantages of one annoying man playing games with my delicate mental health,that I would know better than to obtain another man with the same annoying tendency of playing with my mind. Truth be told I think I just like toying with him. When my Baby gets here I'll ditch he's ass, after all I have literally seen beter!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What the %$##

Well today should have ben a normal day, same old same old, with nothing exciting in between. But after trying very hard not to look at him while in class when he asked a question (I mean, come on I looked at everyone else!) but he wasn't looking at the instructor he was looking right at me. Then he came into the "library" took out a magazine and read it, but because I was helping a patron he just sat there the whole time and could have sworn he was looking at me.
He asked me to hlpe him make a copy of a newspaper article, and I know he knows that room like the back of he's hand!
Then to make matters interesting I'm sitting at the computer trying to find the perfume that I like, Aqua Di Gio, and what do you know? he comes up caresses my back ! I nearly jumbed right out of the chair! C.mon Guy, you're really beginning to wierd me out. First with the marriage talk, then with the kanoodling, then with the caresing and the looking at me in class, you're really beggining to creep me out.
I'm not in control and I don't know what to do.
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