Monday, September 18, 2006

Feeling like this kills me,
the anxiety that grips my heart,
Squeezing it tight,
leaving me gasping for air.

Then my stomach tightens,
I feel like all my organs have been displaced,
gripped together and oddly foating about,
I hunch my shoulders foward,
but I cannot sheild myself.

My limbs tremble,
I hold my hands up to the light,
my finger tips shiver.
As I arch backwards my spine tightens,
I gasp for breath,
And my heart beats out a crazy tatto,
While my stomach mirrors my fingers.

I just left a message for you,
I'm not sure you'll call back.
I have faith in bad karma,
always the same, it never changes.

I hurry up to wait, and wait and wait
All the while making excuses.
will you, won't you.
Maybe tomorrow?
My heart begs for mercy,
My mind now in turmoil,
Hind sight is fifty-fifty,
You shouldn't have,
Too late now.
Just wait.
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