Saturday, January 21, 2006

14 days, and the demon rares it's Ugly Head

I hate the First of February, I feel like Prometheus, every year regrow my expecations just to have them torn down. Bashed three ways from Sunday. I feel like I sit there watching the days fly off the calendar, with increasing speed as that damned day approaches. Then the demon rares it's little head.

Swinging from my minds rafters, the little banshee screams 'Long Live Singlehood!' 'Single women rock' And everywhere I look there are couples kissing and hugging as cards go flying left right and off kilter! Save my little soul!

That demonette hisses as I pass shop windows with there overstuffed oversized blood red hearts beating to cikly romantic boy band lyrics, little did they know that that is the price of falling in love. A ripped out bloody throbbing heart.

And I'm sure one of these days just to put a silver poker through this demons heart, I'll have a wonderful valentines, no cards, no roses, no dinner restaurants with other annoying couples holding hands and helping the corporate world roll out yet another consumer happy spending report. I'll have a glass of wine, a hug, and a kiss. Maybe some mboga and ugali by candle light just to disprove the fact. In fact I'll even settle for a simple phone call to say,' Today like every other day, I think of you' Somehow even if the demonette wouldn't die painfully, it'll definitely have her going to haunt some other singles bar.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bubble Bath

It's been a long day, it started on Monday and just ended today at 4.30pm. To celebrate getting through the ups and downs, the mini tragedies, the life altering decisions and dreams that I hope to realize next week, I indulge myself in this most satisfying practise.

In a warm coccoon with the worlds best crooners, I let the week wash out of my bones. I float like the clouds that I have envied all week. I am warmed in the dark of night, as if I had switched on my own personal sun. The universe floats away, the phones stop ringing, the world is at peace here. There are no competitions, save the candles, each trying to out glow the other. A war of relaxing scents assauge my nasal senses. I stop my restless brain almost instantaneously, with a glass of wine. My limbs ease their restless fight with the week, as the wine loosens my body.

But the best part is the bubbles. God bless the bubbles, each and every single one of them that comes to my aid, before bursting into a mist of sweet smelling perfume. Each bubble giving my skin a mini massage as they bump into me in their excitement. And this warm cocoon of bubbles lights and scents, sends my mind to oblivion, thus my weekend has officially begun.

Have a wonderful weekend.... Happy Friday

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I have a new addiction... West African movies... I love them! I can't help it they're thrilling. Interesting . I am currently in the throes of 'Girls in the Hood'!!! Will chat later

Monday, January 16, 2006

My Darling James,
The usuall niceties will fall short, so I best leave them for another time. Nothing is the same anymore, is it? We've grown older and moved on, or rather you've moved on. The rest of us still plod along just trying to get by, one foot at a time, one step at a time. Did I ever tell you that I thought you were such a star. I could have sworn Eddie Murphy styled himself on you. You could charm the fangs right off a snake! Have the snake hand them over, willingly! My, how you had a way with you. I think about you more these days. I still remember that incident infront of the gate, you rascall! Cat calling after that girl, I can't even remember what she looks like now. Prudence would have insisted she walk faster to get away from you, but with your charming smile, she walked even slower! Deliberately placing each heeled foot infront of the other, sashaying like a true Nubian Queen . Thanks for teaching me how to walk like a chick, because you didn't want to get embarrased, macho man like you teaching he's little cousin how to walk in heels! Like a magician you summoned up a manequin and made it walk. But she did turn the tables on you, got you by the cojones, that was the last time you cat called in front of the gate!

You never lost your temper, you always had time to play with me. You helped me with my homework. And even when you were having your serious boy conversations you never shooed me off, aren't I glad that now I can talk like one of the boys, yet be a total chick and bat my eyelashes. You taught me how to be charming, to say no and make it sound like the best favor I could do anyone, yet say yes and send them right over the moon. I wish you'd stuck around for the how to dump a guy, I really needed that lesson, I bungled it up badly!

In truth, thank you for being the best biggest brother ever! I'm sorry I didn't make it home. I thought I could reach you in time, but you didn't wait. I know why, but it doesn't make not saying goodby to you any easier. I love you and miss you every day.

James was my elder cousin, he died of AIDS before he's 30th Birthday. That was the last funeral I didn't attend. Glove up boys, I ain't burryin' no more of you!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pot Stirring

You stir,
They stir,
Potatoes and Flesh
Boiling and nothing less
Into your pot you throw spices from foreign lands
You stir
They stir

You stir,
They stir,
'Double Double Toil and Trouble',
Nothing you see is safe from the pot,
Rabbits and rats scurry in fear
While the cows and goats kick up a frothy soup,
You stir,
They Stir

You stir,
They Stir,
Potatoes bump, mushy lumps
The pease and tomatoes run circles round each other,
Here comes the curry, spreadding peppery fire rounds the pot
What next?
You Stir?
They Stir?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Honey I can explain

Just needed to lighten up a little. The person that came up with this idea has probably used this line more times than they care to count! Talk about being caught out!
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