Wednesday, November 22, 2006

There it is,
that feeling again,
it's starts as a twinge,
a question,
a niggling doubt.

I push it aside,
brush it off,
shrug, couldn't be,
it's not like that this time

She laughs,
her crooked finger pointing at me
looking from between her fingers
as she covers her face
shoulders shaking in mirth
yes darling, this time's exactly like the last
she whispers venomously

Then the feeling comes back
and it grabs at my heart
squeezing just a little at the corners
a tight pinch
between forefinger and thumb

I shake myself
physically brushing the feeling off
but with cold clawed fingers,
she grabs at my heart
crushing so hard it's totally engulfed
The cold rushing through my blood
and as I gasp out, a quiet plea
she whispers again, with mirthless glee
Believe it my girl, just like the last time

Smearing off traces of fleshy heart
She turns her back to me
Folding herself back into the dark
I'm left alone.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The King of Cairo

He has ruled these streets for many a year
His charm and his wit like a sepulchre
Tall as he stands
Larger than life
This man
This God
This african adonis
Long may he rule
Over vast valleys and rivers

I met him at a club. He was beautiful, 4 inches past 6 foot, and like he said, double that for a good time. He was hilarious, a gorgeous smile that tickled me down to my very core. I am addicted to tall men, not tall and skinny like a string bean. He was athletic and decadent. A butt as tight as a drum (trust me I checked ;))

He has manners that could put a courtier to shame, such charm such wit! So it was lovely. So if the fates are kind maybe I'll be seing this Egytian character again.... and then again the fates have been smoking some wacky we'll have to see what happens.
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