Friday, October 21, 2005

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pure and Adulterated Bliss

Spending the weekend in bed was wonderful. Saturday morning it rained, so the gods were very much into my mix ! It was a grey day so I had all the curtains of the room flung open and was revelling in my luck not to have to be anywere, or see anyone...don't get me wrong I adore my freinds, but I just needed to recouperate at the end of the week. I read in bed, wrote up my notes in bed andhad a cup of tea and watched bed!!!!!
I have to thank the bed as well, it's a queen sleigh bed that was raised halfway off the floor High enough that when sitting on the edge my feet never touched the ground! Fluffy duvet that seemed to be alive.... in a good way!!!! (so help me... Nicky get your mind out of the gutter!!!) It was perfect no pulling or yanking it or fluffing it down because I couldn't see the TV over it. Anne Rice gave me a spectacular thrill so that I wasn't in a hurry to go running about and wanted to find out what happened next to Lestat, who isn't exactly my favorite one of all, but, if I had to have company he'd do.
Mhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm I would do it again, maybe in another couple of months.... But next time it will be quite the production....Breakfast in bed!!!!! I just have to find a willing victim to make the breakfast. First things first I have to get through four months of my very strict diet.... no back sliding or hanging about temptation! THEN....carefully find a chef (wink wink nudge nudge) and have English sausages, bacon, 1 egg- sunny side up, brown toast, and a cuppa (preferrably of coffee....) all in bed :D Well the challenge is on! Feb 15 2006 sounds like D-day!
wish me luck

Friday, October 07, 2005

TGIF! Thank God It's Friday

Hello Happy People!
It's Friday! Well if you're a little behind the times and Friday hasn't gotten to your end of the world....BOOOYAH sucks to be yah!
So what does this mean, ideally that I shall not wake from slumber untill 9.00am, and there will be no guilt attached to it whatsoever! Then I shall roll over, plump the pillows and go back to sleep... ahhhh the thought is tantalizing. If the gods are in my favour they'll make it rain! Could it get any better, you're in bed, it's cold outside and rainy, and some sorry sod had to go to work... (Ok! feel sorry for the sod for 5 mins, then you think...Hey they could always get another job... guilt trip over..see how easy that was? now go back to bed!)
When I finally get up...get a cup of tea... go back to bed, read a newspaper, while in bed... All things rotate around the bed till I remember that the lady running the bed and breakfast is running an experiment to see how fat I can get before I leave! Notice how the doors of the house are all double panelled to make it easier to remove overly large bodies from it? (refer to above left picture....just in case you need help) This lady's breakfast is lethal, a gastronomical 1-2 punch that Mohammed Ali would have to bow down to! I'm tellying yah, there wouldn't be any stinging bee business going on... it's an undisputed TKO!
I'll probably walk around the area, and this is not only to try and undo some of the damage done by the breakfast but to preserve the horses from the riding school, you don't see the darn animals until it's too late! Stupid Beasts! And it's not like the road is wide...Oh Heck no! it's a rinky dinky country road where the cars have to squeeze by at the bends, or someone reverses to the bend a.k.a Polite English Road Chicken! Sheesh... Of course the horse saunters off looking back as if to say... 'Yeah go ahead, make my day, take me on! how do you like that hood ornament on your windscreen?' While I'm on the topic... IN THIS DAY AND AGE IS IT NECESSARY TO RIDE A HORSE???!!!! what's the motor vehicle for? at least a car's not going to take off in another direction simply because it saw great grazing ground!
Right where was I?
Yes....sleeping my weekend in...I'll tell you how it was next week ;)
l8r g8r's

Saturday, October 01, 2005


OK this really gets my goat!
You know there are those freinds of yours that have a knack to call you when you're asleep, doesn't matter what time, just whenever your head hits the pillow, you've fallen straight asleep, y'know , hit the sweet spot. And because this person annoys you, you give them the most annoying ring tone, ensuring that you are thus rudely, and completely woken up! And to add salt to injury, they then say, 'Sorry, Ok go back to sleep!' what the ... expletive... expletive! You already woke me up just get on with it!!!!

No...! these buggers are waiting, just biding their time till they can wake you up again, it's a cruel joke.
So now I've worked out a plan, don't have any sort of phone next to me when I'm sleeping. That way you get annoyed when you miss a call that you wouldn't have minded waking up for, esp. if you can score brownie points with the guy you're trying to get to help you move your stuff!!!! That freshly you've woken me up voice and you can imagine that I was dreaming of watching you pop your biceps as you move oodles of boxes, of course I'll help... I'll bring out the lemondade :o)
And guys with rude phone etiquette! You know you're out there don't pretend! You're phone rings, you pick it up only after a healthy jab in the ribs... and then proceed to hold a loud play by play commentary of las weeks collge game with your Buddy in ...wherever! Like I wasn't there...take your phone and hit the stepping preferably in the direction of the kitchen where you make something that elicits immediate forgiveness.
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