Sunday, May 22, 2005

Let's weigh the facts:

1) He's cousin coming to town is a national event, yesterday it turns into an 'oh-by-the way he's in town so you know I have to go spend time with him'
2) He buys my ticket to Jen's wedding....spending money on me, no more than $100, at any given event, is this generousity a side effect of a guilt complex?
3) He says that he will only be dropping off the toys to the little girl's party and then he'd be off after that, yesterday, it turns into 'yeah I'll be going back'
4) He buys 3 toys for this child who isn't directly related to him and barely a toy for he's neice...he's sister kid! Who's he trying to impress?
5) He e-mails me the 'cracking the get rich code' and you can only get it from someone who had it who sent it to him, 'dearest stephie'
6) Stephie invites him to some seminar on selling real estate...I find out about it when he get's home tired and grumpy i.e after the fact.

So the question begs to be asked, how long has he been in contact with Stephie, when did he even get her e-mail address? Is there anything, I should be aware of? Not to mention the guilt that creeps into he's voice when he says Stephie, or the paranoia when I make a joke about him not seeing Stephie at the party he's going back to.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

To fall in love again, and not the empty promise

I can't believe it. In the short time that he was here, I fell in love with him again. He was wonderful, He did drive me nuts as usual but it wasn't that bad. I didn't come away fdeeling that it was unjust or anything of the sort. But I'll say this much I think that we are now equals, and that's how it should be maintainted. We're not doing each other any favors. But he looks better with each passing day, even from here. He calls when he says he will. I only call him when I have something to tell him. It's been easier.
But I uncerstand that he does not want to get married anytime soon. Well at least not to me. And for now it's going to be fine. But when I'm done, I may start demanding an explanation. If it's not good enough, I may be leaving town very soon. I got things to do.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Egyptians dig deep for mummy answers - World -

And the bowels of the earth are opened to reveal what has long decayed that now is gold to inquiring minds.

Mhmm...sometimes I think I outdo myself

Egyptians dig deep for mummy answers - World -
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