Thursday, May 17, 2007

My politics or lack of there of

My Politics,
My Politics is non at all
I believe in God and revenge
I believe there is a devil and there is evil
I believe that we are all equal

In a world where nought but our bodies is ours
How can I believe you less than I?
Well with my girth....but nice try!
With dirt that is pawned for
Fought for
Killed for
How can I deny you,
Your right to dirt that you earn with your sweat

My politics is to treat you like you and I were one
My creed not your's
But my belief that you may believe
My tongue not yours
But my wish that you should be free to speak your own

I relish that where I am dark,
You are faire
Where I am silent you are loud
that in our differences
You may speak up for me
Where I stand out for you

My politics
Let me not choose my brother over you
Unless he's very soul be in peril
and he's last breath be nigh
I will not choose my brother
Where you are more able
I will not choose my brother
Because we do not see the same mountain
I will not choose my brother
Because your dirt is not the same as mine


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mhmm, ebu explain,

If love is soooo good,

why the hell does it hurt like a biscuit!


This is warfare!

This is geurilla fighting at it's best, or should I say worst

With a bit of cold war espionage thrown in for good measure!

Each side vying for the upper hand

Where the hell is the UN?

Who's going to play ref.?

I want a lawyer!

But when all is said and done,

I don't want out

I want to fight with you

I'm happy when I'm unhappy with you

I'm unhappy when I'm not with you

We drive each other batty

I can drive you up a wall and round a bend,

When I raise an eyebrow

You purse your lips,

And we've had a conversation

You cross your arms

then I shrug my shoulders,

a silent war is declared

Ranks close in

standing toe to toe

I sigh

You breath in

and with a kiss

we redefine our rules of engagement

a truce is declared.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I now know

I sleep with content
Every waking moment is filled with living life
What I know now
Is the profound love that we share

My thoughts of you
Are yours of mine
Each discontent with the engaged tone
As each dials the other simultaneously
We are one you and I

And may that fates allow
that I may never be blighted
with the loss of our love

To H from L

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dear God

Dear God,

After all the pleasantries are exchanged, and I know you're fine, after all you are God. Let's get down to business or better still, I beg and you look down amusedly.

So, dear God, tonight when I go to bed I'm praying that you should make me 6 inches taller, only six inches I'm not asking for much. I know you don't make many mistakes, but, just this one time I think that you're manufacturing machines may have had a glitch, because I really do think you owe me those few remaining inches.

And while we're talking about machines with glitches, may I tell you about the saddle bags, can I give them back. I'd like to return them, I didn't actively go out seeking them, I however have been actively trying to get rid of them. Could you look into that?

As for child bearing hips, I'm not exactly trying to get pregnant so I don't exactly need them now. Is there some sort of cold storage that you could hold onto them until further notice, or just keep them, I'm sure there'll be someone else who could put them to better use than me.

I know that it's short notice, but because you created the world and its contents in seven days, little ole me in one night should be cake walk.

yours ever so gratefully,


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Public transportation

In the quest to be green/ ecologically friendly, my new year's resolution was to take public transportation, and walk to the corner store versus drive. A recommendable resolution no doubt, it has however left me more traumatized than I had anticipated:

1) I've been shocked by watching a woman at the tube station make a four course meal from buggers in her nose.

2) I've been packed like a sardine in tube coaches, and when I thought we couldn't possibly fit another human being in the coach, a guy larger than Pavarotti at he's heaviest squeezed in! I still have my wallet imprinted on my rear! And after being in close proximity with people you would think I'd be more friendlier... oh hell no! I'm crabby and have a rude retort at the ready to even the guy who hands out the metro newspaper, he now just quietly hands it over

3) IN trying to be a good employee and get to work early, I calculate my commute to work, and since I want to be a healthy human have started walking to the train station, however, some twit decided to stalk me in the wee hours of the morning...6:30am!!! I do not leave the house until sun up...literally, I'm not in the mood of making a 30 minute brisk walk 15 minutes again! Not to mention people always look at you funny when you're sweating profusely in the train on a cold day!

SO screw being green! I'm not interested in being squashed in a train coach, because national rail want to reap a bigger profit instead of adding more coaches. I do not want to be stalked on the walk to the train station by the neighborhood psychopath. So I spit in the eye on conservationist, I laugh in the face of eco-warriors, I'll spout carbon dioxide like a cow burping methane gas! Being green should not increase my discomfort, it's bad enough I have to work, I don't have to be miserable about it!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Men and their boys,
If I hear about your boys one more time....
About Jay, Doc and E,
About how tight y'all are...
About how you would go down for your boy( please define cause I'm having trouble with this one!!!!!)

Why? WHY!?!
Look at these misfits and tell me why Lord!
What happened when you created Jay,
You know Jay,
The one that can't hold down a girlfreind, even if she was inflatable!

And don't get me started on Doc.
That two, no make it hundred timing dog
who'll chase anything in a skirt, except when he's in key west!

And E, The Hater E,
The one who always manages to get my blood boiling
He's the bad influence...whipped!
That's it, that's he's favorite line... You whipped Dawg....?
You want to spend time with me and you make it sound like it's my fault
Cause you're been listening to E again!

All your boys' classifications for women,
Junior mature for the 29-33
Looking for husbands and the white picket fence
Mature 33 and above
Lonely and looking for any kind of male attention
then the Juniors the 25 to 27's
All this thanks to Doc!
If he paid as much attention to he's work a he did to the women he chases,
He'd be the highest paid Doctor in the whole US of a

SO honey forgive me if I don't jump for joy
When I see you and the three amigos standing at my door
Expecting to be waited upon hand and foot
Eat me out of house and home
and then leave me with the dishes when you go out clubbing
Wake me up at 3.00am cause you're to drunk to drive home
Then grumble all day and lie on the couch like a beached whale!

If I wanted to live with an aquatic animal I'd go deep sea diving
I'm not your slave
And if I see your boys show their sorry behinds anywhere near my fridge...
Somebody's gonna get whipped!

So come on over and get some lovin' honey
But leave your boys at your place, not mine

Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Years Resolution

This year, all I want is a little consideration. I do not want to be the first one to put my hand in my pocket, neither do I want to be the first one to call. I don't want to be the one to pick up the pices, throw the trash, clean the bathroom and check the mail. I want to be the person that doesn't do the dishes, doesn't do the favours and doesn't share the chocolate.

This year I want to give other people the opportunity to be considerate. Therefore this year, I will not offer to pick you up from the train station, walk, take the bus, grab a taxi, whatever! I will not offer to make you dinner, after the customary glass of water, and that's if I'm feeling generous...say your peace, and leave.

This year I promise myself the theatre. I will not run out of money because of someone else's disorganization. I will not, have my alcoholic privileges curtailed because someone else had to buy an expensive pair of shoes. I will not shy away from asking for my money back. And if you can't pay back 10 pounds, don't even thinking of borrowing 100!

I will attempt to keep in touch with people I like. I will not talk to peope who annoy me, and I will erase the telephone numbers of people who I always call, but who don't take the time to call me. I will not call you to see if you're alive and kicking, however should you wish to tell me that you are alive and kicking, very well, good, glad to hear it. In fact this year, I'm going to not call, unless I'm called. I hope for perfect radio silence

This year, I will make adult decisions about my pension, I'll start it....

This year, I shall fall in love with the joys of solitude. I will embrace the charming, cultured company of a certain moi! I will enjoy with unabashed pleasure, the whimsical fancies of my personality. I will NOT seek approval to be what I am, a human butterfly with the attention span of a cricket.

This year, I will find a new job. Maybe return to the states, maybe go home, whatever the outcome, I will move my own cheese.

This year, I will embrace the spirit of happines, in everything, and every waking moment. I will thank God that I only have a migraine and not a tumor, I will thank God, that he's only my boyfreind and not my husband, I will thank God, that my boss has the inferiority complex and not me, I will thank God that the wailing baby in seat 28B is not mine, I will thank God that I'm not the one stuck in traffick, and I shall do all this and more, joyfully.

What are your new years resolutions?
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